5 Key Performance Metrics To Consider For Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Are you finding trouble in handling customer queries and offering top-notch customer experiences?

Help desk outsourcing has become an immediate need of organizations to avoid customer-related issues. Many organizations reach out to a reputed BPO company to invest in outsourced customer support services so as to provide quality output. Now the ultimate concern is – how to measure the optimal performance within the organization?

Several performance metrics are there that need to be taken care of while you are outsourcing helpdesk services. Still, organizations go confused with which one to choose when it comes to determining the current performance and measuring the solutions.

Here we have listed a few key performance metrics that require special attention.

5 Key performance metrics to consider for help desk outsourcing services

  1. Customer satisfaction index: This is one of the key performance metrics that agents often talk about while running a survey and determining the overall performance. Customer satisfaction is very essential when you are offering customer-related services. If they are not satisfied with your service, they are less likely to get attached to the brand. In other words, a low customer satisfaction index affects brand image a lot, leading to a great loss in the customer base.

The agents at a BPO company runs several surveys using different questionnaires to measure the service desk customer satisfaction index. A good CSI represents a figure over 90%. Simply by analyzing the customer feedback, you can understand the level of satisfaction.

  1. Agent utilization rate: Do you know help desk outsourcing service metrics are even good for determining agent performance and their contribution to the organization based on the investment? A help desk service provider requires minimal numbers of staff who are efficient enough in performing the job. This requires a substantial investment that definitely costs huge bucks for the organization.

Like other organizations, you must be looking for ways to provide quality services minimizing the labor costs. Agent utilization rate will give you a complete outlook on this. The rate helps a lot in managing the costs.

AUR ranging from 70% to 80% is considered to be most effective in terms of performance. The higher will be the rate, the lower will be the cost.

  1. Average speed of answer: To ensure service-level compliance, determining the average speed of the answer is very important. It evaluates how well the agents are able to provide an answer to the query raised by a customer. This even creates a greater impact on the customer satisfaction rate.

ASA within 10 seconds is considered a good ASA rate. The higher will be the number of seconds, the lesser will be the customer satisfaction rate. It’s all connected! You can simply calculate the rate by dividing the total number of live calls by the total time in queue. Inbound call center agents make use of advanced tools and technology to reduce the ASA rate so as to deliver a quality customer experience.

  1. Call abandonment rate: Haven’t you ever experienced a situation when callers hang up the call before speaking with the brand representative? Even some prospective buyers block the numbers to avoid such calls in the future. Your primary aim should be to reduce the call abandonment rate and enhance customer retention rate.

Many service level agreements come up with a standard call abandonment rate. Therefore, measuring the metrics for both call and chat abandonment rates can give you a better picture regarding your agent performance and customer behavior. The standard CAR is under 5%. A percentage more than this is not acceptable.

  1. First contact resolution: How well the agents handle the customer queries? This is often the major concern of the organizations. Isn’t it? The first contact resolution rate or FCR gives you an idea about the number of queries being handled and solved in their first call.

A good FCR is around 70%. It demonstrates how efficiently the agents solve the problems and satisfy the customers with their services. It is certainly a significant KPI to be taken care of.


When it comes to providing optimal customer care solutions, organizations feel free to connect with the outbound and inbound call center. They offer a comprehensive range of outsourced services along with analytical software that allows users to measure the overall performance and make more proactive improvement efforts.

Consider the right metrics that make sense for your organization and monitor them daily or occasionally as required. Talk about the analytical metrics with the experts at your BPO company before outsourcing the helpdesk services.

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