How To Create An Effective Live Chatbot For Your Business Website?

Building a chatbot for website or social media pages has become imperative with the rise in the competition level. Around 64% of businesses are leveraging chatbots to personalize the customer support experience and to streamline the myriad of business operations. In fact, chatbots are considered one of the significant marketing automation solutions that can deliver value to the customers by serving several purposes.
A live chatbot for website is responsible for showering a plethora of benefits. Before we move on with our topic – how to create an effective live chatbot for a business website, let us unfold the list of perks associated with this.

Why a business website requires a live chatbot?

Not just the marketers, a majority of the customers like to use chatbots to share their queries and get them resolved in no time. They try to avoid human interactions as the long wait times often frustrate them and discourage them to stay connected with the brand. Keeping this in mind, marketers have started incorporating this AI-based software and surprisingly gained a lot of benefits in a row.

Key benefits to disclose –

  • Integrating chatbots improves operational efficiency and reduces overhead costs.
  • Allow marketers to acquire quality leads with ease.
  • Reduce call volumes and customer support requests.
  • Deliver high-quality customer support experience with 24*7 assistance.
  • Improving customer satisfaction and customer retention.

RPA solutions like chatbots are well-noted for these benefits. However, it is not easy to unfold such perks unless you create an effective AI-powered chatbot for your business website.

How to create an effective live chatbot for a business website?

  1. Know your business functions that require automation: As we said, chatbots streamline the business functions, every bot works in harmony with the business functions and its requirements. Therefore, you must list down your business goals and priorities before you head on to create a chatbot.

Before integrating the AI chatbot software & solutions, identify the business functions that you want to automate. Some business functions that can be automated with chatbots are – dealing with customer service, taking orders and bookings online, gathering feedback, cultivating leads, answering multiple questions, and rescue abandoned carts.

Once you are aware of the business operations you can easily design a chatbot that fits all your requirements.

  1. Personalize your chatbot: Studies have shown that customers like to stay connected with the brands that offer personalized service. Now since you are using chatbots to provide customer support services, you need to personalize your bots that replicate the human assistants.

Chatbots are the medium of interaction between customers and the brand. To ensure optimum customer experiences, customizing the bots with the proper tone and style is very important. The bots should also be capable of understanding the customers’ language so that they can easily comprehend the query and share an accurate solution with them.

Adding personality to the bots includes giving a unique name just like you have for your human assistants and configure it with welcome greetings like “Hi, this is Ele! How can I help you?”. Such things often attract visitors and prospective buyers.

  1. Educate the bot: Is your bot well-educated? Since your chatbot is responsible for delivering a prompt and accurate response to the query, you should engineer up-to-date information.

While incorporating your website with RPA solutions, make sure you train the bots with relevant FAQs. Building FAQs make it easier for the bots to learn more about the business and deliver a quick response to any query raised by the customers. This even helps the bots to understand the user intent, thus establishing effective communication with the brand.

However, in some cases, there are certain fallback scenarios where chatbots fail to understand the customer query. In such situations, the bots should have the ability to identify the breakpoints in the conversations and deliver an alternate solution that can satisfy the chatbot users. For example, live chat support.

  1. Monitor the chatbot KPIs: AI chatbot software & solutions are therefore efficient enough to deliver top-notch marketing automation solutions to the business. However, to determine whether the bots are perfectly designed, monitoring the KPIs is certainly essential.

Some important and productive key performance metrics of chatbots are chatbot activity volume, chatbot response volume, bounce rate, retention rate, target audience session volume, chatbot conversation length, and so on. Measuring these KPIs you can easily understand the chatbot performance, determine its effectiveness, and optimize it accordingly.

Key takeaway

A live chatbot for website can be created either by using scratch or by using beautiful templates. No matter what you use, considering the above-mentioned facts is pretty essential for designing and executing a well-engineered chatbot.

Chatbots, no doubt, offer a comprehensive range of marketing automation solutions that magnifies business efficiency and improve customer experiences. You must understand that they play an integral role in building a business-customer relationship. Hence should be taken care of with perfection.

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